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long time no see!

Can’t believe I haven’t been on here for so long! Been doing lots of things including new scarves and lots of new tapestries which i’ll show you in future posts! i just couldn’t wait to show you my new royal stewart cashmere scarves and my robert burns check scarf.

The scarves are 2ply cashmere and the woven check or tartan is pure new wool woven in scotland. We’ve been selling these scarves in other tartans exclusively to Inverary castle in Argyll and a few other places! The scarves are 12 x 56 inches and are a complete bargin gift!

speak soon!

check them out in my etsy shop

www.jemmajo.etsy.com     pardon the pun!

hooray! New Studio!

At last after 7 years of waiting I’ve got a new studio ! Can’t wait to have most of my stuff out of the house and my loom saved from the garden!!

Not quite sure how I’m going to afford it but I’ll just have to chase those potential commissions! ( I have a few) tapestry portaits in the potential pipe line!

Any way I’d better get on…

 just desperate to tell you!

colours,colors !

what should I do first? tan and golds?, more greys with subtle sparkles? purple with dark black purples ( purple is the new black they say!) I have to make as many scarves as I can!! Because each scarf is unique, its not a case of making another one of the same! It just can’t be done as we only have tiny amounts of each fabric which we are ‘up cycling’ into a luxury cashmere scarf. My brain is so full of different colourways to do that I’m finding it difficult to get started!

I’ve put samples of colour ranges in my shop www.jemmajo.etsy.com for people to choose colourways from -

 I’m so ecxcited I’m just been told that more sample fabrics are coming from Paris for me to use on the scarves!!

BRAND NEW shop on Etsy!



I’ve at last opened a new shop for the j’emmajo scarves and moved them there from my knitting shop byemmajo. This may seem a little strange to do that but I’ve had so many commissions for scarves recently that it seemed to be the right thing to do and not have them mixed up with knitting and other things. Actually I named the shop back in april but couldn’t decide whether to or not…

Today I’ve pinned out a gorgeously rich chocolate brown scarf with purples and blues will get a photograph soon…I also started doing some wee cotton bags but am not sure………….will photo them when I think they are right.

Things to do….


finish tapestry portrait

62 group piece for august

More violet and blue scarves – using the taffetas on the cashmere should be devine.

finish off the knitting and post to byemmajo.etsy.com

acounts up to date

textiles brief before august

cup cake teapots start

cupcake hats start

beret knitting pattern

i’m sure there is more!

long day today

got some amazing 60′s shelves that someone had put out for rubbish…nice and narrow will look fantastic with a lick of paint!Will be great in the hall.and FREE!!! Dad helped me get them into his car though we had to go and buy screwdriver to get legs off first!!

Then went to the park as had promised the wean……….spent a couple of hours there before we got rained on and went home.

Actually did send an invoice and two red cashmere scarves up to invercottage – fantastic resteraunt on loch fyne in the west coast of scotland. They are situated on the side of the loch right next to castle Lachlan which is the ancient home of the Maclachlans. I’ve been making exclusive cashmere tartan applique scarves for them! They are made using the same principal as the pashminas in my shop but with light wool tartan tabs. Really really contemporary looking and gorgeous!

Turned out to be a nice evening so I’m off out to sit on the front step and watch tghe world go by with the wean.