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Been looking at cashmere wraps and haven’t found one that’s just a bit different from everyone else’s? My name is Emmajo and I have been designing exclusive cashmere wraps for every special occasion or just for everyday wear for two decades.  So read on and I’ll show you what’s in my boutique…

Cashmere is a luxuriant wool that many a fashion-conscious woman has dreamed of wearing against her skin. Its silken feel, feather-light weight, and appreciable status make it highly desirable.

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Despite the glamour associated with cashmere, it hails from humble beginnings. Cashmere is the wool or fur of the Kashmir goat. Kashmir goats are primarily raised in Mongolia, but many are bred
in Iran, Tibet, India and China. American herders have also joined the
international cashmere production market in recent years.

Cashmere is harvested from the goats during their annual molting season through the shedding or the shearing of their down. In the frigid high desert climates where most of the goats are raised, the dense inner coat guards against harsh winter weather, but once seasons change, goats begin to lose the protective layer of down.

The finest cashmere comes from the underbelly and throat of the goats, but a lesser grade is also taken from the goats’ legs and backs. Longer fibers from the belly and throat area make the wool especially soft and cause less “pilling” when the fibers are woven into garments such as sweaters, shawls, capes, dresses, and coats for both men and women. The shorter fibers from the backs and legs are heavier and less expensive, making it easier to afford a luxury garment.

Cashmere comes naturally in white, gray and brown, but the wool is easily dyed. The grey and brown wool is used for darker colours and the white for the pastel colours.

Garments made of cashmere were once only available to royalty because the rarity of the wool increased its value.

Kate Middleton wears cashmere wraps stylishly

Emma Jo’s Cashmere wraps are quite unique, She buys in cashmere wraps and scarves from Nepal and then appliques them with vintage silks and linens, sometimes  unusual fabrics from designer Paris  fashion houses. This makes the cashmere wraps completely original and often a work of art in themselves!

One of the other cashmere wraps that Emma jo makes is a 2ply cashmere blend scarf that she adorns with Harris tweed.
Napoleon is said to have popularized the use of cashmere wraps when he gave his second wife, Empress Eugenie, seventeen of them!

In more recent years, old and new-Hollywood glamour icons graced the silver screen, bringing cashmere to the hearts of people everywhere.

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